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PA First Time Buyer Advice

The real estate buying process can be somewhat confusing if you are going through it for the first time. The PA first time buyer advice in this blog will clarify some things. Real estate is a big investment and buyers should become well

Definition Of Financed Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance (MI) is a policy that protects lenders against borrowers defaulting on loans. It is generally required by a mortgage company on loans with a down payment that is less than 20% of the purchase price and is usually charged in

An Explanation Of Lender Closing Fees In PA

When you obtain financing for a home purchase, you will incur many different expenses related to the mortgage. These are normally called closing costs, but there actually include various types of fees. This blog provides an explanation of lender

5 Mortgage Refinancing Factors – PA Refinance Factors

Refinancing your home loan can lead to big savings if completed under the right conditions. Every mortgage and borrower is different, so an opportune situation for one homeowner does not necessarily apply to others. Prior to making a decision to

Advantages Of VA Financing In PA

Veterans may obtain VA financing provided by private lenders but guaranteed by the VA. The guarantee insures mortgage companies from loss up to a specific value should a borrower defaults on a loan. Because of this guarantee, lenders are able to

A Comparison Of PA Appraised Versus Assessed Values

Appraised and assessed values are incorrectly confused with each other. As a home buyer or home seller, it is useful to distinguish the difference between the two. A comparison of PA appraised versus assessed values can be found below. What Are

Mortgage Rate Changes Affect PA Home Loan Pre-approvals

When you are qualified for a mortgage, it is based on a certain monthly payment. The mortgage rate is assumed (as well as other figures such as taxes and hazard insurance). Mortgage rate changes affect PA home loan pre-approvals because it affects

What Makes Up PA Recurring Home Loan Payments

It is useful to understand what makes up PA recurring home loan payments for budgeting purposes. The acronym PITI is commonly used to remember the items, which are principal, interest, taxes, and insurance. All loan payments do not automatically