Below are testimonials from some of our clients.


Great place jammies was great she Improved my credit score 100 points in no time ! Definitely recommend this place

Keith ferrante


Verdaderamente un honor a ver trabajo con tan excelente perdonas, muy profesionales y un excelente trabajo volvería mil veces más! Gracias! ❣️

Astrid Alvarado

I’m ready to buy a house now!

Thank you so much Ramsey and Quality Credit Repair for helping me improve my credit. It took a little over 6 months to get my credit just where I needed it. Now I’m pre-approved for a mortgage and am currently house shopping! It’s a dream come true and a personal goal accomplished with your help. THANK YOU!

Shellé DeVine

Fantastic job on my credit

Carlos did a fantastic job on my credit, I had a very low credit score I couldn't get approved for any credit cards, which was very disappointing for me. I started Fixing my credit in December of 2016. and now my credit score is 700+ thanks , Quality credit repair for everything

Ebony britton





I don,t know what I would,ve done if I did,nt found Pedro,a lawyer friend of mine gave me he,s #,and what a bless day that was, as soon I contacted pedro,all my debtor,s stopped harrasing me,he was able to get them off my back,and made easy payment plans with some of them,two years ago I had lost my tire bussiness and nobody financed me,..today thanks to Pedro I finance three trucks already,my company is doing good,I,m working with UPS,and I have many institution calling every week trying to lend me money,..thank you Pedro, a thousand times thank you...Jose Rosa,..owner /president,..J R transport llc, philadelphia pa.

jose rosa
J R Transport llc

Excellent Results!

Thanks to these guys I have a 100 point or better improvement in each of my credit scores. In just a few months we got rid of a bunch of negative stuff that was haunting me and keeping my scores down. Now I can get an mortgage! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy Client

Amazing! Quick results!!!

I absolutely loved working with Ramsey!!!! My husband and I thought there was no chance of being in a home this quick!!!!! We are so blessed to say we can buy a home because our credit is fixed!!!! I highly recommend using Ramsey Blandon and his company!!!! Thanks guys!!!

Tara Tiano-Burke


I never thought i would have the opportunity to establish credit, much less buy a home with all my credit issues. Once I was referred to FIT Credit and meet with Ramsey; it took a while but we got my credit fixed and now I am able to buy a home after a year. I am now recommending their services to all of my friends & family who can benefit from their services as it is very beneficial and actually works.


I just want to say that Ramsey at quality credit repair is awesome. My scores has increased tremendously. Ramsey was very pleasant to work with,and he worked very hard in putting my fiancé and I on the right path to achieve our goals. Thanks again Ramsey..

Patricia todd

If you need to improve your credit report , you found the right company. These people are GREAT at what they do!

I want to thank Ramsey Blandon for his help in repairing my credit. Now my family and I can finally purchase our first home. Ramsey, Pedro and his team are very helpful, professional and always there when you need them. I would definitely recommend them.Thanks Ramsey!!!

Jesenia Martinez

Professional and effective

I was referred to Quality Repair to assist me in improving my credit score and obtain a mortgage. Ramsey Blandon exceeded my expectations; he was well versed in credit repair and thoroughly explained the process. I understood what he was doing as well as my responsibility. He is professional and able to get results quickly. I will be referring anyone who is seeking a reputable company that delivers on its promises.

Thank you Ramsey!

Roxane M.

I was very impressed with the services. Carlos B. provided excellent service. I did not believe my credit could be fixed that I could obtain a mortgage. Thanks.

Georgi G

valuable and trust able credit repair

This company do repair your credit no matter how bad is it. I advised to my friends and would like to advise all of you. They did fix my credit perfectly just for 3 months. Now the banks approve me for house loan before I couldn't get even the car loan. So imagine that how they fixed the credit.

Feruza Bekirova
sts inc

Custom Tattoos

Credit Repair has really improved my Score in a very short amount of time, there service is exceptional i couldn't be happier i can finally move forward with buying my first home.

Thank you Ramsey for all your help..

Ron Pichardo
Swagga House, LLC

Excellent, fast results

I am very happy with the results, excellent score increase in a short time. Ramsey was pleasant to work with, professional, and effective. Thanks!

Dan F

I want to thank Ramsey Blandon for helping me fix my credit, I never would have though that i would have such great credit i would recomend him and his associate s to anybody so if y'all need your credit fix come and see these guys you wont regret it i guarantee it.

Luis A Bahamundi

Great people to do business with! highly recommended! Prompt! Thank you!!!


Carlos Barona - Excellent

Carlos Barona has helped me over the past year or so. Carlos has been excellent- knowledgable, direct, and effective - all qualities I value and look for in terms of potential results.

Daniel LaPointe

So my credit score was a wash due to several discrepancies preventing me from moving on to bigger and better things. Through my rounds with Carlos at Financial Trust and Loan all the bad credit was cleaned off my record improving my chances to own my first home. Not only did my credit score improve but I could call at any time and get advice on student loans, advice on what will happen if I take my 401K out, and several other financial issues I came across since we've been working on my credit. I can trust this Co. they know their stuff. Also, the amount they charge was within my budget. I'm grateful, give them a try you wont regret it. Thank you Carlos for all your patience:)

Lisa Hagood
Financial Trust and Loans

I wanted to thank Carlos Barona for helping get my credit score to numbers i never thought i could get.I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of credit repair. I appreciate the way he simplified the repair process so it would be easy for me to: not only get to where I'm at,but maintain and then increase the score. 2016 will be a great year for my wife and I!! Thank You so much Carlos!!


Hi my name is Linka and when i first started with quality credit my score was 410 and being with them showing me how to work my credit i am now a homeowner and my score is 650 now. they are the best

Linka Thomas

I worked very hard with Mr Ramsey or should I say he worked very hard for me. My credit report had risen and I was able to purchase a house. I recommended my husband and anyone else who needs their credit repaired.
Quailty Credit Repair is the Best. I highly recommend.




cristian vizcaino

I wish I had done this 10 years ago

Like most people, I heard the stories, both good and bad, about credit repair people. I assumed that if it were the real deal I would have heard about it on the news or something.
My credit was a mess, with a low score of 386 at one point. Obviously, I couldn't have gotten a loan for a candy bar, even if I put half down. I wish I could blame it on someone else but it was me and I was paying for it. Literally.
Long story short, my sister recently got a mortgage but had a negative account on her credit that was hindering the process. She was put in contact with Ramsey at quality credit repair, who apparently made her woes disappear, as if by magic. My sister wouldn't recommend a service unless it was legit, and I wanted to buy a house, so I decided To give it a go.
I contacted Ramsey and he educated me on some really simple ways to maintain and increase my credit rating and took my information so he could get started.
It seemed a bit to cut and dry to me and I was a little skeptical for a while, until the letters started to roll in. True to form, negative things on my credit started to disappear, as if they had never existed at all. Because of that, my score started to go up, fast. Within in 3 months of contacting them my score was up to 667!
If you're like me, you've been plagued by bad credit for years, in my case it was about 14 years of a consistently low credit score because I didn't know how to fix it and I had given up trying.
I still really can't believe it. It's a fantastic feeling to know I will get approved for a loan. No more of that nervous waiting while they run my credit, or the embarrassment of being rejected.
It's one of those things where I wish I'd done this years ago. I promise this is all 100% true and I'm not being rewarded for writing this.
I cannot recommend them highly enough

Brett J. Fluri

you guys the best very helpful and i recommend to every body who has credit problems.


Unbelievable results !

I gotta say, everything that people tells you about credit it's not true unless it comes from this guys. So many people had told me that after a certain numbers of years your debts were forgotten and your credit will go up, BS. I know Pedro for a little while now and when I found out that he fixes credits, I gave him a shot, even tho I really didn't think that it could be done, but I trust him so we went for it. A few weeks after we started the program I started to receive letters from creditors closing my case and my credit jumped really really quick. I just moved to FL and for my surprise I was approved to finance a new car just in my name, no co-signers , nothing and my mail is full of pre approved credit card letters. My goal is to buy a house in a year and I owe this great push upwards to these guys. I truly recommend this company to anybody that needs help in this area. Thank you !

Carlos Braga

A True Credit Clearing Company

I was introduced to Ramsey Blanton by Mr. Phil Crescenzo of Acre Mortgage. Ramsey was clear and specific on what I needed to do to get started clearing my credit. He needed to know that I was committed to the process and was willing to stick with the process. He expressed the importance of communicating quickly to your letters from creditors and to calls and emails from him. I would recommend Quality Credit Repair to anyone who is interested in buying anything or just clearing your credit.

Marguerite Chriss Johnson
The Johnson Insurance Agency, LLC

A few months ago my credit was basically very low and I've been very pleased with the work that Carlos has done within these past few months. I will definitely recommend them to anyone in the near future. Very professional and easy to talk to.

Janna E Urena

a breath of fresh air

My story is pretty simple. I had an issue on my credit that I had no clue about, which was responsible for a Firm 'NO' every time I tried to get any kind of credit extended. I tried to procrastinate about correcting this issue for a long time because of all the stories I heard from other people that credit repair does not work or it’s a fluke etc... Finally it came to a point when I needed to purchase a home and in order to do this I obviously needed to have a great credit rating. Well sure enough my credit problem knocks on my door and guess what? I can’t procrastinate any longer I need to find out what to do and get this resolved at any cost. That’s my story and here comes the solution!!!

I met Pedro and his team from Financial Investment Trust wile installing their new phone system at their new state of the art location. After speaking to Pedro a few times and finding out what the company does I approached him and told him my situation. I was not sure what to expect but after I told him my story his response was 'I guess it’s time for you to fix this issue and I can assist you to do so!' I was kind of skeptical but I proceeded. After completing a few forms on line per his request Pedro and his team were able to identify the problem on my credit report and gave me a simple solution. All I had to do was follow the plan that they laid out for me and my credit would improve. Well here is the kicker!

After 90 Days in the Program my Score went from bad to Good and when I mean Good I mean Banks call me to offer me their best Platinum reword cards with Credit Limits Enough to purchase a car which is overwhelming at times but I know in order to keep a great credit rating, you have to treat your credit like it’s your own child and even after Financial Investment and Trust got me where I needed to be by educating me on what to do and what not to do wile in the program I have and always can call Pedro and his team to get Credit advice going forward.

So the Bottom Line is this Financial Investment & Trust not only fix your credit but they help you to stay Fixed in the future and you can’t ask for a better situation!!!!!

Yan Kadomsky


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you did to help improve my credit score. I had no idea that a score of 545 did not meet the standards required for the mortgage I assumed I'd get approved for. With your help, my score went up to 660 and as of last month I was approved for the mortgage I needed to buy my dream house! I am so grateful for everything you did to make my dream come true. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Sandy, Somerset NJ


My wife and I want to thank you. I thought we were going to file for bankruptcy. Words cannot explain how much I appreciate your company. Thanks.
Mr. Rodman, Montclair NJ


I just wanted to write your company and say FINALLY someone that really cares. When Bernie referred us, I have to say my husband thought this was another way to throw away money. After we had a conference call with Michael, he felt 100% better. He did everything he said and I never knew there were so many ways to save money. I only wish Bernie referred us sooner.
Mr. and Mrs. Harkins, Philadelphia, PA.

Thanks for the great service !!!!!

I had very good experience dealing with this company and I'm very satisfied with the service they provide specially dealing with Ramsey Blandon with his great job and care to bring me back On The track with good credit credit !!!!
Nasim Fares
Royal car center

Honest,Reliable, Dependable

Ramsey was very reliable, patient, kind, and understanding! Whenever I didn't understand something with or concerning my credit score situation he was very kind and helpful! And I would recommend them to anybody!!
Dawn Marie Bucher


I would like to say thank you to Ramsey for all his help with getting my credit back in order. I wish I had know about FIT earlier. My calls were always returned he was always available for me to discuss any issues I had concerning my credit. Mr.Ramsey also gave me other financial information that was very helpful. Thank you very much and I wish you continued success and I will spread the word thank you.


Words cannot describe how thankful I am for the services you provided me for the past year. After being laid off from work for three months, I never thought I would be able to catch up on my bills. Your program not only helped me organize my finances, but also paid off my late bills. I am almost debt free! Thanks for everything.
Sean, Sussex, New Jersey


I signed on with you and I have to admit when I first sgined on I was a little reluctant and doubtful. FIT CREDIT was not the first Company I dealt with ( but it is the last ). I have dealt with several companies in the past. All of them treated me more like a number rather than a client.These other companies were very judgmental of me because of my low credit scores and some of the debt I have accumulated over the past few years. You were different. You and your staff treated me like family and I feel like you are truly acting and making decisions based on my best interests and not on a companies bottom line. I can not thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication. I am telling everyone I know about you and your company. I am truly grateful to you and your staff. Again thank you for all your hard work.
Howard M.


I wanted to say that I am very pleased with the work that they have been doing to fix my credit an I have recommended other people to their great office...

Thank you!

I can say that the Quality Credit Repair is a trusted company.. Ramsey fixed my credit and is now working on my husband. Thank you.


One month in they have done a great job boosting my scores over 100 points so far and climbing. Thanks again and anyone out there who needs help with credit definitely give Quality Credit Repair a shot.


Thank you so much to Ramsey for getting our credit fixed! We are now approved for a mortgage and on our way to owning our first home! We could not have acheived this without the dedicated services that Ramsey provided! We will pass your info on to anyone and everyone in need of credit repair.
Janine Campana


ecelente el cervicio. no me quedo ninguna duda lo recomiendo!

Jose E Espinal


Really good results I got and now I can buy a home. Thanks alot!



I would like to say thank you to Carlos Barona for all his help with getting my credit back in order. I wish I had known about FIT earlier. My calls were always returned; he was always available for me to discuss any issues I had concerning my credit. Carlos also gave me other financial information that was very helpful. Thank you very much and I wish you continued success. I will spread the word thank you.
Jose Gonzalez


We want to say thank you to Carlos Barona for your dedication and work in helping us succeed with our credit. Thank you for your time and making us feel that we can always count on you. Thank you very much for your excellent service. You have truly been a blessing. I will highly recommend your services to others!
Hector and Denise


I want to say a huge thank you to Carlos Barona. He really busted his ass helping me fix my horrible credit. I was so sure my credit would never again be right but with his hours of dedication on my account he really did it!!! I will forever be in your debt amigo...if you ever need your credit fix I will always tell you to see the guys at FIT and especially Carlos.
Jessica Trull


Thank you Mr. Carlos Barona for helping me reach my goal of purchasing a home. when i first visited your office i thought this dream was not possible. But with your help it became a reality. I will refer everyone i know to you! Thank you so much!!!
Perez Veguella


Estoy muy agradecido por el excelente trabajo que el Sr. Carlos Barona de \"Financial Investments & Trust Company\" me brindo y lo recomiendo como el mejor para sus asuntos Económicos, estoy muy agradecido
Rafael Arroyo


Thank you Carlos for all of your help. I could not believe you were able to remove my judgments! Now all kind of doors have opened for me. I thank you and my family thanks you!
Keya Mcintyre


Just want to start off by saying Carlos is THE MAN...great job. I started my road to rebuilding my credit with another company who made promises to restore credit at a cheap price...BIG MISTAKE you get what you pay for. Carlos assured me I could raise my score from the mid 5 hundreds to the mid 6\"s within 6 months, I was skeptical but gave him a shot. Carlos was very diligent and kept me informed every step of the way. To make a long story short I applied for a mortgage just 5 months later and was shocked when I was pre-approved with a 680 credit score!!!! 560-680 in less than 6 months...AWESOME. No more high auto and credit card rates and my score is continuing to climb. You get what you pay for and Carlos and FIT are the best. *****stars.
William T


I am so excited and appreciate your business very much. I am mostly grateful to Mr. Ramsey for making my dream come true in regards to my credit score. Thanks so much! I will highly recommend Quality Credit Repair to my friends and family!
Pearllina White


I'm very happy with the service Ramsey was able to provide.

James Lewis


Very happy with my results. Ramsey has been great from the very start and I will defenitley recomend him to anyone that needs help with credit repair.
Jessica Rosario


un vuen servisio lo recomiendo

> Henry Vargas Sosa


Thank so much for helping me and my family through a really tough time trying to get our mortgage problems worked out. [...] You and your staff are the best. I look forward to a long relationship with your office. You were like a God send....Thank you so much.
Byron, Waynesboro, Pa.


Thank you so much for helping me. [...] Last year I thought I was going to lose my home, but because of your staff I was able to keep my home and save money. I can't thank you enough. You were an angel! God Bless.
Cindy, Bellmawr, NJ


Everyone [...] was phenomenal. They helped my husband and me tremendously and were always patient, knowledgeable, and diligent in working with us and accomplishing our financial goals. Taking advantage of their many services was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. Because of their expertise, we can go out into the world secure with our future.
Mrs. and Mrs. Lightsey-NJ


I was recommended to Chris by a close friend of my family, who happens to be a realtor in his professional network. Before meeting with Chris, he was HIGHLY recommended but after our initial meeting I was 110% sold on his company's services. I must say my favorite part about talking with Chris is that he can relate to you on a personal level. How many people in the finance field are honestly, genuinely out to help you out (whatever your financial history) versus how much money they can make off of you?!? On top of Chris' professionalism, he was always very honest, pleasant and encouraging. Within two months [...] my credit score went up about 200 points. I'm on my way to buying my first house at age 25 and I would definitely suggest working with Chris! AMAZING COMPANY! I feel so blessed to have met Chris.
Jennifer Gregg-Cherry Hill, NJ


I wanted to thank Chris for all of his hard work and dedication. I wish more companies out there today could learn how to treat customers [...] this is a company that is more concerned with their customers than anything else. I have been with them for 4 years and in those 4 years they have managed to tremendously help me with my credit, budget my bills, and have also put me in the hands of other business professionals that have taken care of us. [...] You guys are truly amazing. Speak with you soon!
Sara and Bill, Mount Laurel, NJ


As a Realtor, I come across a number of people who would like to take advantage of the low rates and great home prices but they need some help getting their finances in order before being able to qualify for a mortgage. Chris has helped several clients of mine organize so that they were able to purchase. Without the financial guidance and persistence [...], these clients would not have been able to buy with a minimum down payment and a low rate. Each of them have said that the small financial investment has paid off. Now they are home owners with a rock bottom 30yr fixed rate. Its a beautiful thing!
Len Antonelli-Turnersville, NJ


I am David hunter I thought my life was just buy all in cash and never own a home. I was sent to contact Ramsey Blandon. In just a few months I am now living a dream that I thought would never come true. Ramsey has done what I thought was impossible thanks Quality Credit Repair.
David Hunter


I worked with Carlos Barone, and I couldn't ask for anything hire then I received. He was always on top of my case, patient and kind. He cleared up all my debt, with banks and so on with only the money I gave him upfront. He\'s guided me from the beginning to the end and answered endless amounts of questions with precise knowledge. My father paid to have this done for me, after the same experience. Needless to say my credit is sky high and all I had to do was fax my credit reports, all loans have been forgiven. I am so grateful and he is such a pleasure to work with!