Credit Tips

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How Your Credit Score Affects Your Interest Rate

If you make an effort to repay all of your bills and return money on time, this sound financial decision will be rewarded with better auto loans and mortgage rates. However, why is that the case? Here’s how credit score and interest rate are related

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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

Seeking debt consolidation in Philadelphia isn’t the only way to ease the strain on your credit card. Improving your credit score can also provide a myriad of benefits, as it will grant you access to loans, credit cards, and more. While there is no

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How Do Credit Repair Companies Repair Your Credit?

A credit score measures an individual’s creditworthiness, or how consistently they repay their bills. Having positive credit is a sign that you’ll pay back your loans on time, but having a low credit score means the opposite. Businesses will be

Tips for Better Managing Credit in Retirement

To better manage your finances during retirement, it's important to closely monitor your credit score. Maintaining a good credit score is just as important now as it was while you were working. Whether you want to be prepared for emergency expenses

Finance Tips for Newlyweds

There are many exciting changes that come with marriage. Some may be more stressful than others, such as the way you and your spouse choose to manage your finances. To handle your money like an expert, it's important to take the right steps, like

Do You Want to Ditch Debt? Start With Discipline

When you're up to your ears in debt, you're not just living with a massive financial strain, but you could also be jeopardizing your health when you consider the stress levels involved. If you want to ditch your debt and live a healthier, stress-free

Tips to Help You Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

From the rising cost of living to unexpected emergency expenses, the stress of living paycheck to paycheck is all too real for millions of Americans. One wrong move and you could empty your bank account well before your next payday. This guide will

An Introduction Into Student Credit Cards

A student credit card is the first step into the world of personal finance. If you are a freshman in college, you probably have many questions on how to apply for a credit card and whether it is the right decision. Well, you have come to the right

5 Warning Signs That You Are Headed for Financial Disaster

Financial disasters don't typically happen all at once — they build over time. First, you may find yourself running short more than usual and purchasing more than you can afford with your credit cards. Then, this behavior may lead to larger financial

Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Credit Score

Managing your credit can be a daunting task. With multiple agencies that report credit status and a complex scoring system, it’s no wonder many consumers are often left confused and frustrated when trying to learn more about their credit scores.