PA First Time Buyer Advice

The real estate buying process can be somewhat confusing if you are going through it for the first time. The PA first time buyer advice in this blog will clarify some things. Real estate is a big investment and buyers should become well educated.

Where to Start

Obtain a Pre-approval

Speak with a local mortgage company and request a pre-approval. The programs and qualification criteria will vary from one company to another. Review the programs and closing costs to determine the best program. Starting this process ahead of time may help you understand the estimated up-front and monthly expenses of real estate ownership. This also helps determine your price range.

Hire a Real Estate Expert

Find a real estate agent to help with your home purchase. Pick one that understands your needs. Experienced agents can help explain the options, submit contracts, and facilitate a smooth purchase. This guidance is particularly important to first time buyers.

Notes About Buying Steps

Property Showings

Only visit listings within your price range. This prevents the heartbreak of wanting a home that is not possible for you to buy. Property showings can be time consuming, so staying within your price will also save valuable time.

Legal Paperwork

Real estate brokers can offer guidance on offers and help you negotiate them, but they can not practice law. If you need legal counsel, ask about using a local real estate attorney to interpret terminology and add any necessary terms. It is important that you sufficiently understand the terms and requirements of contracts prior to signing them.

Home Inspections

Inspections are not intended for discussing price changes as they sometimes do not identify any issues at all. Also avoid negotiating clearly visible issues. Such strategies are not typically successful and lead you to lose the inspection costs. In cases where defects are uncovered, homeowners may agree to repair defects, give you money for them, or be unable to offer anything. Reasonable items are more likely to be resolved.

Final Walk-Thru

Prior to the closing, you normally are given a chance to walk thru the home one more time. It is a good idea to make this after the sellers have vacated the home. If any issues arise at this walk-thru, you should address them prior to completing the closing.

Closing and Settlement

You must have legal identification for the closing. Any amounts owed must be certified. Have your checkbook ready in case there are any final adjustments. Once the closing documents are filed, the property is yours!

Advanced PA First Time Buyer Advice

The home purchase process will be easier if you maintain a basic knowledge of what will take place. For more comprehensive PA first time buyer advice, contact Pedro Teixeira at FIT Credit by calling 215-613-8130 or by emailing