Credit Tips

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How Your Credit Score Affects Your Interest Rate

If you make an effort to repay all of your bills and return money on time, this sound financial decision will be rewarded with better auto loans and mortgage rates. However, why is that the case? Here’s how credit score and interest rate are related

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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

Seeking debt consolidation in Philadelphia isn’t the only way to ease the strain on your credit card. Improving your credit score can also provide a myriad of benefits, as it will grant you access to loans, credit cards, and more. While there is no

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How Do Credit Repair Companies Repair Your Credit?

A credit score measures an individual’s creditworthiness, or how consistently they repay their bills. Having positive credit is a sign that you’ll pay back your loans on time, but having a low credit score means the opposite. Businesses will be

Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Credit Score

Managing your credit can be a daunting task. With multiple agencies that report credit status and a complex scoring system, it’s no wonder many consumers are often left confused and frustrated when trying to learn more about their credit scores.

3 Common Mistakes Found on Credit Reports

According to data from the Federal Trade Commission, about one in every five Americans has some kind of error or mistake on their credit report. Allowing serious mistakes to hang around on your credit report can damage your score and even force you

How College Students Can Build Good Credit

Back-to-school season is here, which means many students are off to college! Whether they are getting their first taste of the “real world,” or getting ready to take their next big step in life, it’s important for college students to be able to build

How to Better Manage Credit Card Payments During COVID-19

For some people, making ends meet was bad enough before the coronavirus uprooted the whole economy. As a result, a difficult situation may have become even worse. How can you better manage your debt payments without pulling all of your hair out? Here

Why Tax Season Can Be an Excellent Time for Credit Repair

By the end of winter, most people cannot wait for springtime and warmer weather. However, for many Americans who are in debt and with poor credit scores, the idea of collecting and reviewing tax documents, unpaid bills, and credit reports could leave

How Does Your Credit Score Affect Your Auto Loan?

For years you’ve been dreaming about owning a new vehicle and getting rid of the junk you possess right now. Whether you’re looking at driving a new car off the lot or saving your money by purchasing a used car, you’ll most likely need an auto loan.