Credit Education

How to Rebuild Financial Stability After the Coronavirus

The coronavirus isn’t over yet, and it may not be for a while, but businesses and families in Philadelphia and across the nation are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Non-essential businesses are reopening their doors, most people

How to Better Manage Credit Card Payments During COVID-19

For some people, making ends meet was bad enough before the coronavirus uprooted the whole economy. As a result, a difficult situation may have become even worse. How can you better manage your debt payments without pulling all of your hair out? Here

Why Tax Season Can Be an Excellent Time for Credit Repair

By the end of winter, most people cannot wait for springtime and warmer weather. However, for many Americans who are in debt and with poor credit scores, the idea of collecting and reviewing tax documents, unpaid bills, and credit reports could leave

How to Shop Smart this Holiday Season

It’s easy to get lost in the gift-giving extravaganza once the holidays roll around. You want to make sure you outdo last year’s presents with even better and bigger gifts — we get it. But this kind of thinking will have you spiraling in debt before

Effective Strategies for Managing and Getting Rid of Debt

It’s already tough enough trying to make regular payments on rent, groceries, and other essential living costs. The added weight of debt can end up putting you in a crippling situation if left unattended for long enough. Luckily, you are not alone,

How Does Your Credit Score Affect Your Auto Loan?

For years you’ve been dreaming about owning a new vehicle and getting rid of the junk you possess right now. Whether you’re looking at driving a new car off the lot or saving your money by purchasing a used car, you’ll most likely need an auto loan.

Effective Strategies for Improving Your Credit Score

Your credit score may just be a three-digit number, but it is vital to keep that number as high as possible. In simple terms, your credit score is a number (ranging from about 300 to 850) that evaluates your ability to repay loans. The higher your

How to Properly Maintain Your Credit in College

With back to school just around the corner, college students will be returning to their educational institutions in no time. Getting excited about being on your own again can provoke some reckless spending, but Quality Credit Repair, one of the best