Credit Tips

How Is My Credit Score Calculated? Part II

In our last blog, we looked at two of the many factors that go into calculating your FICO score: namely, your payment history and how much you owe your lenders. But that’s only a small part of the story. And if you live in Montgomery County and are

How Is My Credit Score Calculated? Part I

By now, you probably know how essential it is to have a good credit score. While it might just be a simple three-digit number ranging from 300 to 850, in many cases it can define how people, businesses, and institutions view you. That's right —

Did the Government Shutdown Affect Your Credit?

Earlier this year, history was made. The United States government shutdown, which began on December 22nd, 2018, lasted a full 35 days, finally ending on January 25th, 2019. This shutdown was the longest one in our country’s history, and it affected

3 Reasons Why In-Store Credit Cards Are Sometimes Bad News

We've all been presented with the opportunity to open an in-store credit card when shopping at the mall. From 10% off all of your purchases to a free pair of yoga pants with approval, stores have a number of sneaky ways to make their cards seem like

3 Mistakes to Avoid If You Ever Win the Lottery

It’s something that most people have dreamt about at one point in their life or another — having their whole world changed by a scratch-off ticket or a lucky pull of the Powerball. Winning the lottery instantly changes the life of the lucky man or

5 Tips to Help Fight Impulsive Credit Card Spending

Americans love their credit cards—according to an annual report from Experian, the average American has over $6,300 worth of debt on their credit cards. This number is a whopping 3% higher than last year’s figure, and requests for debt counseling