5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

Seeking debt consolidation in Philadelphia isn’t the only way to ease the strain on your credit card. Improving your credit score can also provide a myriad of benefits, as it will grant you access to loans, credit cards, and more. While there is no guaranteed solution to fix a poor credit score, several methods that aren’t overly complicated can improve it. Here are five ways anyone can build credit so they can raise their credit score.

Don’t Miss Any Payments

One of the most straightforward ways to raise your credit score is to make all your payments on time. Having a healthy payment history is crucial to developing a positive credit score, so do not miss out on any payments. One such way you can accomplish this is by creating automatic payments for the minimum amount due so that you never miss a payment. 

Alternatively, opting to pay your bills twice a month instead of one large payment will let you create more opportunities to pay down your principal balance. In turn, this can reduce your account balance and credit utilization ratio, which will help with building credit. Integrating strategic balance payments is an easy and low-commitment method to raise your credit score, such as keeping your balance low before the billing cycle ends or before the end of the month.

Check on Your Credit Report Regularly

By checking your credit report frequently, you will be able to keep track of all your credit. In the event that there is a credit report error, you can address it immediately. If you allow it to exist, it can lower your credit score, so ensuring there are no errors can help prevent your score from dropping.

Increase Your Credit Limit

Another method of building your credit score is to increase the limit of your credit. Doing so will lower your credit utilization ratio, and because utilization is such a significant determinant of credit scores, it will raise your credit score.

Manage Your Accounts

There are several ways to manage your bank accounts that can prove beneficial to building credit. Catching up on any past-due reports and paying down any revolving account balances will ensure that there aren’t any more late payments. As a result, no more late fees will be added to your credit history, ensuring it won’t be lowered.

Additionally, do not open new accounts frequently. If you do, it will result in a hard inquiry, which, while not very impactful, can add up over time and negatively impact your credit score. 

Demonstrate You Can Manage Credit

Managing your credit well is another way you can raise your credit score. For example, you cannot prove that you have good credit until you have a record in the first place, so creating new credit files can help accomplish that. Some credit accounts you can consider making are credit cards, such as a rewards credit card or a secured credit card. 

Another way to demonstrate your ability to handle credit is by becoming an authorized user on someone else’s account, so long as they have healthy credit themselves; if they don’t, it will not reflect well.

Finally, you can prove that you’re capable of paying creditors on time by obtaining credit for rent or utility payments. If a creditor sees that you’ve been able to pay rent consistently, then it could positively affect your credit score.

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