How to Improve Your Credit Score


Lenders use credit score evaluations to determine how likely it’d be for you to pay back the money you’re asking to borrow. Scores typically range from 850 as the highest to 300 as the lowest. If your credit score is low, lenders will view your poor credit history as a liability; as a result, they’ll either increase your interest or deny your loan entirely. On the other hand, if your credit score is high, financial institutions will be falling over each other to do business with you. To help you improve your credit score and make way for more opportunities, consider the five tips below:

1. Go to a credit counseling agency in Bucks County, PA, like Quality Credit Repair, and get a copy of your credit report. The professionals will closely examine it to figure out if any mistakes are negatively affecting your score. If so, they’ll contact the credit agency and make sure the inaccuracies are corrected.

2. Recognize that maintaining a good credit score is a lifelong commitment; It’s a marathon, NOT a sprint! Once your score improves after 90 days, you can’t revert to your old spending habits; instead, you should make important changes to ensure you’re never boxed in by crippling debt and a poor credit score, ever again.

3. Make sure you do all the little things right! By paying your bills on time, you’ll raise your score little by little, each month. Don’t look at the big picture; rather, take it one day at a time and your score will continue to only get better.

4. There’s no doubt that having some debt helps your credit score, since paying it down proves that you’re financially responsible. Still, you should stop accumulating debt on your credit cards. You should buy things with the money that you do have, instead of spending money that you don’t have and paying it all back with interest.

5. If you’re swimming in debt already, quit applying for new lines of credit; you’ll simply drown yourself! Even if you plan on not using them, they’re way too tempting to have at your disposal. In case you didn’t know, a line of credit is NOT free money; so start using real money for most purchases and you’ll stop stockpiling debt!

As long as you pay down your debt, do the littles things right, and commit to making smarter financial decisions, it’ll all add up to a much higher credit score! If you want to speak to a professional about improving your score, contact Quality Credit Repair for debt counseling in Montgomery County, PA and surrounding areas.