Answering Common Questions for Those with Bad Credit

As one of the best credit counseling services on the internet today, our team here at Quality Credit Repair are always working to fix our client’s credit scores. We know how scary it can be when you have a bad credit report, and that is mostly from the various activities and living situations it holds you back from. Luckily, we provide a solution to your issues, and we can have you back on track to restoring your credit in no time.

There are many reasons that a credit score can be bad, and a popular one during the summer is vacation debt. Perhaps you enjoyed a fun vacation with your family but didn’t realize how much the trip was going to cost. This can seem stressful, but when you come see our team, we ensure that you will sleep much easier at night.

A lot goes into the process of choosing your credit counseling agency to help you correct your debt, but no one cares as much as our staff. We answer every question that you throw our way, and we create the best plan possible to regain control of your finances. There is so much to be aware of when looking at your credit report, and we have a few answers to common questions that we are asked. They include:

How accurate is a credit report? An astounding 25 percent of credit reports have errors, and that can lead to getting denied for a loan or credit card. Even more so, 30 percent of reports are listed as open when they are actually closed accounts, while 54 percent of these reports have information that is misspelled, belong to a stranger or are incorrect.

Who reports to credit agencies? There are many different parties that report to agencies, and they include mortgage companies, car loan companies banks, utilities, cell phone companies, insurance companies and credit card companies.

What are some myths?

  • Closing an account will increase your credit score
  • Running credit will not make an impact on your score
  • Opening multiple credit cards will make your score go up
  • Paying collect accounts can repair a credit score

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