Credit Repair

Tips on Building Credit History

Good credit is a very important aspect of life, allowing you to make major purchases like cars and homes. Having good credit history is an important aspect to maintaining a good credit score. To keep your credit score moving upwards, follow these

4 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a moving number. Your actions can increase or decrease your score at any time. There are many reasons to improve your credit score. A good score means lower interest rates on credit cards and loans,...and ultimately, more

Effect of Errors on Credit Reports

Despite the recommendation to check your credit report on a regular basis, unless there is suddenly a problem, such as being denied a loan, what your credit report looks like may be an afterthought. Credit reports are used for many different things

FTC Study on Credit Report Errors

A study by the Federal Trade Commission in early 2013 revealed that 25% of consumers had errors on their credit report from one of the three major credit bureaus. These mistakes could lead to higher interest rates on credit cards and loans, which

Assistance with Correcting Credit Report Errors

Errors on credit reports are a common problem and can impact many aspects of your life and finances. Most individuals are unsure of how to correct it or have little success attempting to do so on their own. Credit repair organizations provide much