I wish I had done this 10 years ago

Like most people, I heard the stories, both good and bad, about credit repair people. I assumed that if it were the real deal I would have heard about it on the news or something.
My credit was a mess, with a low score of 386 at one point. Obviously, I couldn’t have gotten a loan for a candy bar, even if I put half down. I wish I could blame it on someone else but it was me and I was paying for it. Literally.
Long story short, my sister recently got a mortgage but had a negative account on her credit that was hindering the process. She was put in contact with Ramsey at quality credit repair, who apparently made her woes disappear, as if by magic. My sister wouldn’t recommend a service unless it was legit, and I wanted to buy a house, so I decided To give it a go.
I contacted Ramsey and he educated me on some really simple ways to maintain and increase my credit rating and took my information so he could get started.
It seemed a bit to cut and dry to me and I was a little skeptical for a while, until the letters started to roll in. True to form, negative things on my credit started to disappear, as if they had never existed at all. Because of that, my score started to go up, fast. Within in 3 months of contacting them my score was up to 667!
If you’re like me, you’ve been plagued by bad credit for years, in my case it was about 14 years of a consistently low credit score because I didn’t know how to fix it and I had given up trying.
I still really can’t believe it. It’s a fantastic feeling to know I will get approved for a loan. No more of that nervous waiting while they run my credit, or the embarrassment of being rejected.
It’s one of those things where I wish I’d done this years ago. I promise this is all 100% true and I’m not being rewarded for writing this.
I cannot recommend them highly enough