a breath of fresh air

My story is pretty simple. I had an issue on my credit that I had no clue about, which was responsible for a Firm ‘NO’ every time I tried to get any kind of credit extended. I tried to procrastinate about correcting this issue for a long time because of all the stories I heard from other people that credit repair does not work or it’s a fluke etc… Finally it came to a point when I needed to purchase a home and in order to do this I obviously needed to have a great credit rating. Well sure enough my credit problem knocks on my door and guess what? I can’t procrastinate any longer I need to find out what to do and get this resolved at any cost. That’s my story and here comes the solution!!!

I met Pedro and his team from Financial Investment Trust wile installing their new phone system at their new state of the art location. After speaking to Pedro a few times and finding out what the company does I approached him and told him my situation. I was not sure what to expect but after I told him my story his response was ‘I guess it’s time for you to fix this issue and I can assist you to do so!’ I was kind of skeptical but I proceeded. After completing a few forms on line per his request Pedro and his team were able to identify the problem on my credit report and gave me a simple solution. All I had to do was follow the plan that they laid out for me and my credit would improve. Well here is the kicker!

After 90 Days in the Program my Score went from bad to Good and when I mean Good I mean Banks call me to offer me their best Platinum reword cards with Credit Limits Enough to purchase a car which is overwhelming at times but I know in order to keep a great credit rating, you have to treat your credit like it’s your own child and even after Financial Investment and Trust got me where I needed to be by educating me on what to do and what not to do wile in the program I have and always can call Pedro and his team to get Credit advice going forward.

So the Bottom Line is this Financial Investment & Trust not only fix your credit but they help you to stay Fixed in the future and you can’t ask for a better situation!!!!!