PA USDA Home Financing Information

It is a surprise to many that the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) offers mortgages. The home loans may be used for properties in specific non-metropolitan locations and have special terms and features. This article includes PA USDA home financing information.

PA USDA Home Financing Information

USDA Home Loan Benefits

  • Local mortgage companies are able to provide this type of loan.
  • Properties can be financed more than 100% of the current price.
  • Both new purchases and refinances qualify.
  • The mortgage is not merely for agricultural land. It may apply to typical residential homes in rural or semi-rural areas.
  • Single family and multi-unit properties may qualify.
  • Various costs may be rolled into the mortgage.

Real Estate Location

USDA provides a list of rural or semi-rural areas approved for financing. Home buyers may be surprised to see certain neighborhoods on this list as some are not as remote as imagined. To look up eligibility for PA and nearby locations, visit the USDA Loan website at and click on property type in the Property Eligibility menu in the top left section. You will be prompted to enter a state and zip code to display a map of approved regions.

Loan Qualification

USDA and FHA loan criteria are very similar. Buyers must have sufficient credit scores, stable earnings, and the ability to make payments on the mortgage. Income requirements (found at differ by county and size of your household. USDA loans can take more time to approve than other mortgages. Check with your mortgage professional about necessary time lines and be sure to allow enough time prior to settlement.

Obtaining Help

Find a reputable local mortgage company that provides USDA mortgages. Your real estate representative may be able to provide you with a list. Get a pre-approval early and ask about the requirements and options in advance of making a bid on properties. Contact Pedro Teixeira at 215-613-8130 or for specific PA USDA home financing information.