PA Home Inspection Guidance For Buyers And Sellers

A home inspection is an assessment of the structure and all utility systems by a certified professional. It traditionally encompasses an examination of each visible element of the inside and outside of a home. A certified home inspector has evaluated hundreds of structures and is therefore knowledgeable on all the factors of home construction, systems, and how they all should function. Even a capable home owner may not have the skill set of an experienced inspector. PA home inspection guidance for buyers and sellers can be found below.

PA Home Inspection Guidance

Buyer Guidance

Real Estate purchases are a significant investment that you should not approach without due diligence. An inspection details the condition of a piece of real estate and necessary repairs. You may find that most issues are minimal and may be easily addressed, while others may lead you not to move forward with buying a particular property. On the other hand, an inspection can actually reveal that a property is in better than expected condition. Either way, having this critical information will help you with making better real estate purchase decisions. A buyer representative will help you with the negotiation process.

Seller Guidance

Home owners may obtain home inspections prior to marketing a property for sale to find necessary repairs. A renovated home might sell more quickly than an un-renovated one. If you decide not to address the issues uncovered, be aware that you are required to list any known issues to prospective buyers. This is not always a negative thing since buyers would undoubtedly uncover them after their inspection and may negotiate concessions. By offering the information ahead of time, buyers can take it into consideration when making an offer, saving you the headache of dealing with it later in the sale process.

Other Considerations

The fee for an inspection usually depends on the square footage of a home. Extra expenses may apply for detailed testing of items such as lead paint. Prices may also vary based on the knowledge of the inspector. Consider the background of an inspector by reviewing training, experience, and professional certifications. Regardless of the expense, an inspection is worthwhile when compared to the large investment of buying a property. For more advice on PA home inspection guidance and guidance for home buyers and home sellers, contact PedroTeixeira at FIT Credit by calling 215-613-8130 or emailing