Ways to Avoid Fraud on Your Credit Profile

Credit card and other types of fraud are a risk for everyone these days. It is important to remain vigilant with protecting your financial information and quickly protecting fraud if it occurs. Here are some ways to avoid fraud on your credit profile.

Protect Your Information

Don’t let your personal information get into the wrong hands. Do not throw away sensitive documents in the trash or recycling bin unless they are shredded. Do not give your information over the phone to someone who unexpectedly calls you and claims to be from a legitimate company. Avoid giving too many details on forms unless it is absolutely required. These are all important precautions to take.

Review Your Statements

Carefully review your credit card and banking statements each month. If you have online access to your accounts, check them periodically throughout the month as well. Promptly alert your creditor or bank of any suspicious activity. The sooner you detect an issue, the less impact it may have on your finances and credit.

Review Your Credit Report

Some fraudulent activity is not visible on your monthly statements. For example, someone may steal your identity and obtain a new credit card in your name. If the statements are not delivered to your home, you may not know about it. Your credit report includes a history of your credit score being pulled and any accounts that are issued. By reviewing them regularly, you may find some unauthorized activity. Contact the creditors and the credit bureaus to report such activity.

Other Ways to Avoid Fraud on Your Credit Profile

Thieves use many techniques to obtain your personal information. It is always better to be overly cautious. Know who you are talking to and avoid giving information without first verifying someone’s identity. If something does not seem right, trust your instincts!