How Can I Manage My Outstanding Debts?

Are you in debt? You’re not alone. An estimated 1/3 of Americans have outstanding debts, and many find it frustrating to manage their debt on top of every other stressor in their lives.

Quality Credit Repair’s Bucks County credit services are designed to educate you about managing your lines of credit and finding solutions to your current debt. Read on to learn how to establish a debt management plan, no matter how overwhelmed you are.

Budget Analysis

A good debt management planner will first realistically assess how much you make and how much you need to spend per month. At Quality Credit Repair, we examine your current budget and go over your spending habits in order to identify problem areas. Many people get into debt partially because they don’t keep track of where their money goes. In addition to getting rid of problem spending, your budget has to cover all of your current expenses as well as remain flexible and realistic.
Once a Quality Credit Repair debt management expert analyzes your budget, they can help you formulate a payment plan to reduce your debt.

Contacting Credit Agencies

If you owe money to several creditors, or have been in debt for a while, you might view credit agencies as something to be avoided as much as possible. Many people don’t know the extent to which they can work with their creditors in order to effectively manage their debt. And even if they do contact their creditors, they might not know what to say to get what they need.

The financial planning experts at Quality Credit Repair are experienced professionals who know how to negotiate with creditors in order to create a debt management plan. While Quality Credit Repair cannot, by law, issue guarantees, we can confidently say that many credit agencies agree to lower payments as part of a debt management plan and may stop calling for collection if they receive three consecutive monthly payments. Even companies who don’t lower your monthly payments may accept what you can pay as a contribution towards debt relief.


Instant debt relief and credit repair are rarely a possibility. We don’t think that’s bad news: we just know that it’s realistic. Quality Credit Repair will never mislead you into thinking that debt relief can happen overnight. However, we will work harder than any of the other credit education services in Philadelphia in order to set you on the path towards financial freedom.

Paying off debt in installments might not alleviate all of your anxiety at once, but over time, you may realize that you owe significantly less than you did a year ago. In addition, this realization should bolster your efforts to continue reducing your debt until you are finally free of your financial burden.

Continuing Education

After you’ve implemented a debt management plan, you can’t stop there. Aside from paying off your debt in monthly installments, your new mission is to continue to educate yourself about managing your personal finances so that you can grow your savings, not deplete them. Some of the things you can do to avoid falling into debt again are to maintain your budget and adjust it monthly, make all bill payments on time, avoid opening a new line of credit while paying off debts and check your credit report once a year.

Again, education isn’t something you have to do alone. At Quality Credit Repair, we consider your financial health our life-long investment. We hold regular credit education seminars so that you can keep up with your finances in a fast-paced world. We also offer a wealth of information on our website and blog. There, you can learn about tips to build your credit score and the credit myths that will hurt it.
To see if you qualify for our debt management services, visit our website or call 888-399-3898.