Financial Education, Brought To You by Quality Credit Repair

You know us for our reputation as experienced and qualified financial planning experts that provide Philadelphia credit repair, but did you also know that we offer educational resources to put you back in control of your finances? Our website hosts a wealth of information that you can use to educate yourself about the credit industry, and Quality Credit Repair hosts educational seminars to help you learn about your credit. Below are some educational resources available on our website and blog to help avoid falling back into debt, and to make sure your savings continue to grow.


Credit Education
For a basic rundown of credit agencies, credit reports and some tips on how to maintain good credit, check out our Credit Education page. Our helpful video explains the basics of how your credit works, and what you can do to ensure your financial health. At Quality Credit Repair, our credit counselors are available to you to break this information down further and explain exactly how it applies to you and your financial situation.


Debt Management Help Programs and Credit Repair Clinics

At Quality Credit Repair, we think not just about remedying your current credit problems, but also about how to look ahead. Our main focus is your financial future, not our bottom line; you can find tips all over our website, and our consultants will help you not just to eliminate your debt, but to prevent issues later by ensuring that you understand how your actions affect your credit scores and financial health. We also host credit repair clinics, where experts with decades of experience will help you learn how to overcome past credit issues and move forward.


Home Buying Tips

For home financing and mortgage information, explanations of real estate trends and processes, and advice on when, where and how to purchase your home, visit our Home Buying Tips blog. We offer in-depth information on financing home repairs, overviews of mortgage plans, advice for first-time buyers and tips on purchasing and owning PA properties. Our article on calculating how much home you can afford in PA ( can serve as a guideline to taking the first steps to buying your Pennsylvania home. You can also find explanations of tax and loan terminology to help you understand the language of homeownership.  After getting your finances in order with Quality Credit Repair, use our insightful homeowner resources to help plan your future.


Our goal at Quality Credit Repair is to talk with credit agencies to lower your monthly payments, halt collection agencies and get rid of or reduce late fees, as well as find errors in your credit reports that can be crucial to a healthy credit score. However, we also believe that educating yourself on your financial status is critical to future financial health, and we offer the above options to ensure your finances going forward. For more information on repairing your credit score with Quality Credit Repair, call us toll-free at 888-399-3898 or visit our website.