8 Things That Will Negatively Affect Your Credit Score

Potential creditors view your credit score as an accurate reflection of your ability to be financially responsible. It’s crucial to have a healthy credit score so that you can have financial freedom and provide an authentic depiction of your consciousness. Below, are eight things that will negatively affect your credit score:


Not Checking Your Score Frequently


Don’t wait until you’ve been denied for a loan or a credit card to realize that your credit is suffering from something that you may or may not be responsible for. Inaccurate, erroneous or incomplete reports of outstanding debt might not be recognized until you have to make an important purchase. Bad credit—whether brought on by you or through misinformation—could increase the interest of a loan and cause inconvenient postponements. The experts at Quality Credit Repair, for example, who assists individuals looking for someone to help build credit in Montgomery County,  will help you to address false inquiries.


Failing to Notify Creditors About Moving


Moving from one place to the next and not informing creditors about your relocation might, unbeknownst to you, cause you to not receive bills in a timely manner. This will, consequently, hurt your credit score as a result of your inability to pay bills on time. Notify creditors whenever you move to avoid having to endure late fees and suffer from bad credit.


Choosing to Not Build Credit


Since a negative credit score may still reflect your ambition to complete loan or credit card payments, no credit is often considered worse than bad credit. Although you might be resistant to taking on monthly payments and other obligations, building credit will help you to prove to potential creditors that you’re conscientious about making payments on time.


Late Payments


Past payment history is a paramount factor in figuring out your credit score. Although a couple of late payments on your student loans or credit cards, for instance, won’t bruise your credit too much, your score will absolutely take a hit if negligence is apparent.


Failing to Provide Full Legal Name


In order to ensure that only your financial information is reported, make certain that you provide your full legal name on legal documents. Don’t risk having your credit score reflect the financial decisions of other individuals that might have a similar name as you, including family members. Not all legal documents ask that you provide in-depth, personal information, such as a social security number, which is why you must clarify your exact name when completing important forms.


Insufficient Payments


Creditors will report your account as past due if you continuously fail to pay the minimum amount that’s required. Not only will your credit score be damaged when your account is reported as past due, but you’ll also have to pay late fees and additional interest.


Too Far in The Red


If you’ve already racked up a whole bunch of money on your credit cards or “maxed out,” then creditors may be wary about your financial discipline and ability to pay off debt. This type of information is used by creditors to determine whether or not you’re approved, and also to help them figure out the interest rate charge that will be applied to a loan.


Large Number of Credit Cards


It’s easy to get sucked into signing up for credit and department store cards considering the extra incentives that normally come along with them, but the immense amount of credit can negatively affect your score. Creditors might fear that you won’t be able to pay off a particular loan if you were to utilize the credit from all of your cards. Additionally, creditors might assume that you already are, or will soon be over your head in debt if you obtained such a large number of credit cards.


Avoid making crucial mistakes that will undoubtedly impact your credit score in a negative way. Failing to be ever more conscientious about maintaining or improving your current credit score will eventually constrict your financial freedom. It’s never too late to improve your score, especially when there are agencies such as Quality Credit Repair that provide support for individuals looking to build credit history in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas.