6 Things Bad Credit Will Prevent You From Obtaining

Bad credit scores can make individuals feel as if they’re being boxed in by the mistakes of their past. Everyday, individuals face the predicament of improving their bad credit score by displaying their financial responsibility with new loans and other payments; but rarely are they able to obtain new payment plans at reasonable rates with their poor credit scores. Bad credit can cause you to be discriminated against, even when you’re trying to change the careless decision making processes of your past. To show you how crucial it is to keep a good credit score or to ask for the help of professionals, such as those at, here is a list of six items that you will have a hard time purchasing without an appealing credit score.

Mortgage loan

If you don’t have a flawless credit score then you already don’t meet the expectations of most mortgage loan lenders. Often, all it takes is one recent payment violation or infringement, in general, to discontinue the mortgage loan application process. When you’re not approved for a mortgage loan and, for instance, you and your fiance are set on buying that limegreen house with green shutters down the street from where you grew up it’s going to be, without a doubt, an unpleasant drive back to your parent’s house– where you have been living ever since you graduated college six years ago. Figure out your score before going to the bank with your fiance to obtain a mortgage loan by checking out online credit reports in Philadelphia.

New ride

When you have a negative credit score the chances of you getting a new vehicle are incredibly low. Although some car dealerships will still sell cars to individuals with bad credit, enormous down payments and absurd interest rates are generally required, along with a co-signer. You might have been eyeing up that new Honda Civic or Dodge Ram 1500 or Ford Fusion every day on the way home from your new job, but without a positive credit score, your chances of receiving a reasonable package are minuscule. Searching for a fresh new ride with bad credit is like hoping in a kayak without a paddle–you ain’t goin’ nowhere. Don’t waste your time searching for a new set of wheels if you haven’t pursued bad credit repair in Philadelphia.


Without insurance or a positive credit score, there’s a good possibility that dentists won’t provide you with their services. Many dental procedures are quite expensive, so if you don’t own a credit card or don’t have an approved credit application dental professionals rarely take you on as a new patient. The cost of performing oral surgeries is usually too large for dentists to risk with an individual that doesn’t have a favorable history with making payments on time. It might make you frustrated and angry when, for example, you need an emergency oral operation and a dentist refuses to implement the services, but you must put yourself in their position…Would you trust someone with a poor payment history to pay you for expensive services?


So you have it all planned out, right?–When you give the signal your buddy is going to light those fireworks that you’ve had stuffed in the back of your closet since Fourth of July ’13 when the police came to your house because of a noise violation, which just had to have been “falsely” reported…You’re going to bring your girlfriend to that favorite bench of hers in the park where you can see the entire lake below. Then you’ll get down on one knee and ask her to marry you with that beautiful ring that you made the down payment for from the best jeweler in the city with all that extra cash you saved up from doing comedy shows. Really?–is that really how it’s gonna happen? You might need to slow your roll a little…When was the last time you investigated your credit score?–Because most jewelers don’t give lines of credit to individuals with credit scores above 700. Don’t figure out that your credit score is bad when the plan is already put into place by seeking Bucks County credit repair services.

Credit Cards

Although credit cards give individuals with a good credit score an opportunity to build an even better one, it’s nearly impossible to obtain a credit card if your score is already poor. Individuals with bad credit scores can, in fact, obtain secured credit cards but they only have the amount in which you put onto them to use. Since these secured credit card options still involve annual fees and interest the amount is unfortunately withdrawn from the balance and, in turn, decreases the total amount that you have access to spend. Although credit cards can absolutely destroy one’s credit and put them in thousands of dollars of debt, they are important devices used to build credit. If you’re having trouble getting approved for a credit card because of your poor credit score, credit repair companies near Bucks County are prepared to help you figure out and resolve your bad credit issues.


In order to get a better idea of an interviewee’s personality a lot of employers will now look into their credit histories. Most employers view your financial responsibility as a genuine reflection of your overall character. Many people disagree with the fact that many employers look into credit scores before choosing the right candidate, but it’s hard to deny that credit scores can provide insight to one’s ability to honor obligations. Being able to schedule, plan and execute credit card payments, student loan payments and car payments, can help to prove your time management skills. On the flip side, if you fail to be conscientious and prompt about taking care of important payments, it might be used against you by an employer that values a task-oriented employee.

There’s no doubt that the process that is designed to build one’s credit can be viewed as a double-edged sword. While you can use certain loans and payment plans to help build your credit score, they can also make it even worse…much, much worse. When you have bad credit, opportunities appear slim–you can’t get approved for a new loan, which would hopefully help you build good credit, because your current credit score is too high. Start making intelligent financial decisions to improve your credit or ask for help from a credit repair company such as Quality Credit Once you reach a more appealing credit score you’ll have more opportunities and feel less limited of your freedom.