5 Simple Steps to Improving Your Credit Score

Is a better credit score on your holiday wish list? Instead of asking jolly old Saint Nick for a better credit score this year, take power back into your own hands with these five quick steps from Quality Credit Repair.

● Get the facts. The first step to understanding how to improve your credit score is to ensure that the issue isn’t caused by an error. Order your credit report from one of the three major credit reporting bureaus and scan over them to ensure that all data is correct. Keep an eye out for incorrect social security numbers, unrecognizable previous employers, and other red flags.

● Get the help you need. Debt counseling in Philadelphia starts with assistance from Quality Credit Repair. Their team will be your personal liaison between you and the credit bureaus, and will help to dispute any incorrect charges, late fees and other hindrances to your credit score.

● Make a plan to do better. Together with Quality Credit Repair, identify problem areas in your payment history and make a plan to improve. For example, if you frequently incur late penalties because you forget when bills are due, an automatic payment service can make sure that all accounts are paid on time without you having to worry.

● Follow up. For maximum debt relief in Philadelphia, work with our team at Quality Credit Repair to continually monitor your credit score. As you make payments on-time, balance your accounts, and work to remove credit inaccuracies, your scores will slowly (but surely!) improve.

● Protect against fraud. Nothing can tank a budding credit score like identity theft or fraud. Consider working with a credit monitoring service that can alert you when suspicious activity is recorded on your account.

Make 2018 the year that you improve your credit score! Browse our website to get started on the path towards a brand new credit score.