4 Ways to More Effectively Protect Your Credit Score

In today’s exponentially growing technological age, threats to your credit score are more prevalent than ever before. All it takes is one small mistake while using your credit card, and your score may soon appear post-apocalyptic. Below, are four ways to more effectively protect your credit score, and address any issues that might arise:

1. Evaluate Credit Card Statements

By checking your credit card statement on a regular basis, you’ll be able to easily spot any suspicious behavior. Even if there’s just a small purchase on your statement that you don’t remember making, it’s important that you act quickly and inform your bank or credit card company about the fraudulent activity. Before making a large purchase, many scammers will initially only charge a small amount on a stolen card to find out whether or not it works. That itty bitty, shady charge on your credit card statement could quickly manifest into a huge financial mess!

2. Stop the Bleeding

When you contact your bank or credit card company after seeing something suspicious, you’ll be able to stop the bleeding before it gets any worse. Forgetting to call your bank or credit card company after you see a suspicious purchase is something you might regret for many years to come. Don’t disregard the purchase as simply a mistake or something you that don’t remember buying without investigating it—or else it’s like procrastinating the repair of a small leak in a pipe, causing it to eventually burst. The longer you wait to nip the act of thievery in the butt, the worse your financial problems become.

3. Be Cautious About Providing Private Information

There’s nothing wrong with being skeptical whenever someone asks you to provide personal financial information. Some people may view this as being paranoid, but if that’s what it takes to protect yourself from having your credit destroyed and identity stolen—so be it! Authentic financial institutions and banks will never ask you to provide sensitive, private information via the phone or email, so don’t do it! Always think twice before filling out forms that require information that’s just a little bit too personal. Evaluate the broad scope of the situation prior to moving forward with your next move.

4. Take Proactive Measures

Although you shouldn’t think twice about doing this—make certain that you switch up your pin number if your credit card has been stolen. In order to protect your sensitive, private information in the future, you should absolutely pursue fraud protection services. Make sure that you’re also extra cautious about purchases. Don’t buy anything online from a site that isn’t well known and trustworthy, and be wary about pulling money from ATM machines that appear to have been messed with. Be “street-smart” about every financial decision you make.

By evaluating your credit card statements, hemorrhaging the bleeding quickly when suspicious activity occurs, being increasingly cautious about providing private information, and taking proactive measures—you’ll be able to protect the integrity of your credit score. If your credit score has already been sabotaged and you’re experiencing a large number of financial difficulties, as a result, then it’s time to seek credit counseling services in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding regions.

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