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5 Places Where Parents Spend the Most on Education

Everyone knows that heading back to school requires pencils, notepads, and notebooks. However, schooling comes at a price that is often much higher than many parents expect. Five places where parents are most likely to spend the most on their

Five Ways Quality Credit Repair Can Improve Your Credit Score

Does your credit need a check-up? If you haven’t been monitoring your credit report this year, you may have trouble getting the loans you need to go back to school in the fall or pick up that new car you need for your family. Luckily, Quality Credit

5 Simple Steps to Improving Your Credit Score

Is a better credit score on your holiday wish list? Instead of asking jolly old Saint Nick for a better credit score this year, take power back into your own hands with these five quick steps from Quality Credit Repair. ● Get the facts. The first

5 Ways to Save Money This Holiday Season

With the holidays on the horizon, you’ll probably be spending more money over the next couple of months than you normally would over a two-month span. To make sure you don’t wind up in debt, adhere to these five tips, courtesy of Quality Credit

What is Your Credit Score Really Telling You?

“I have no idea how to build my credit in Philadelphia.” If a bad credit score is stopping you from purchasing a new house or car, it may not be all your fault. Perhaps you forgot to pay a bill once or twice or you didn’t pay the full amount.

4 Ways to Avoid a Bad Credit Score

If you're getting ready to apply for a house or an auto or student loan, you'll want to make sure that your credit score is good and that your debt is manageable. Here are four tips to prevent bad credit to give yourself a good credit report in